Learn about us and why we built this platform

We built software to efficiently manage our own portfolio and scale the single family rental business

Our Story

Our founders got started in the technology industry with web hosting and enterprise software consulting in the early 2000s. We also have experience in the internet media and advertising space, running popular online game portals. After successfully selling our internet company, we have invested our own wealth into real estate as a means to grow and protect it.

With our technology background, we saw a huge opportunity to gain a competitive advantage in the single family sapce by building a technology system to help buy and manage single family homes at scale.

Since starting in late 2016, we have executed $60M in single family transactions.

Services we provide

  • Institutional quality single family home portfolio assembly
  • Rehab / renovation construction management
  • Vertically integrated property management
  • Asset management including financing and capex management
  • Single family bulk portfolio and individual retail sales

Single family home investing platform

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